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22 Apr 2017 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Join us for the premier of the trailer for the book Rock Island Lines. Writer Frank Dodge heads to the Quad Cities where he discovers that old gangsters never die. Most of the cast and crew will be present, so you can pat them on the back and put a drink in their hands.

We’ll show the trailer at 6:30. Books will be available for purchase.

About Rock Island Lines
Frank Dodge, disgruntled and desperate for a story to write about, has a hot tip: Miguel Ramirez could be one of the last surviving descendants of a brutal gangster named John Looney. Dodge concocts a plan to meet the man, and they spend an evening drinking their way across the Quad Cities.

When Ramirez is found floating in the Mississippi River the next morning, Dodge finds himself without a story and on the wrong side of a murder investigation. As Dodge and his buddy, homicide detective Brian Jefferson, go over the surprising events of the night Ramirez died, Dodge wonders if dead gangsters can keep on killing and if he’ll be the next victim.

St. Louis Map Unavailable

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