5 May 2017 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

I’ll be the guest speaker for the Friends of Pool 2 Annual Meeting, an event that will focus on how to make the Mississippi River healthier. Here’s a summary of what I’ll be talking about:

To some people, the Mississippi River is a beast to be feared, while it’s a carefree playground for others. The Mississippi River means something different to each of us. In this talk, Klinkenberg explores the different ways we experience the river by mixing clips from songs with stories about the river. st.

There are hundreds of songs that are directly or indirectly about the river. They cover a wide range of themes, like flooding, levees, gambling, river rats, pollution, pretty sunsets, and falling in love on the river. Many of the songs are from well-known musicians like Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, but many more were recorded by talented artists who might only be known to their mothers and best friends. While everyone won’t necessarily love every song, most people will leave humming at least one tune. And everyone will see the Mississippi River in a new way.

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