Green Island Wildlife Area

Green Island Wildlife Area

Visitor Information
Information about Green Island is available through the Jackson County Welcome Center (60488 State Highway 64; 800.342.1837/563.687.2237).

James Clark arrived here in 1839, thus giving the town its early name—Clarkstown; when the railroad arrived, it changed the name to Green Island. During the 1930s, Green Island residents were protected from the worst impact of the Great Depression because of an active stockyard and railroad yards. After World War II, however, employment by the railroads tapered off. The entire town was flooded in 1965, when it had a population of just 97 people.

Green Island Wildlife Management Area (Green Island Rd.; 515.281.5918) is in the quiet backwaters just north of Sabula; it is a very good spot for birding and draws few visitors.

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Heading downriver? Check out Sabula.

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