Paddling Lessons

Mississippi River in the Headwaters region I’ve been lucky enough to take a couple of 2-day canoe trips on the Mississippi River this year. In April, I paddled with the Quapaw Canoe Company and River Sage John Ruskey near Baton Rouge. In August I paddled solo for 39 miles in the Headwaters Region

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Picture of the Day: The Northern River Just Before Winter Sets In

The Mississippi River flows mostly north and northeast from Lake Itasca, reaching its most northerly point just 3 miles east of Bemidji. This photo was taken after most of the deciduous trees had dropped their leaves but before ice set in. (photo taken Oct 2013) See more Photos here. Happy Thanksgiving! Mississippi River at

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Picture of the Day: Lake Bemidji outlet

The Mississippi River passes through Lake Bemidji, entering at the lake's southern end and exiting near the northeast tip. This picture shows the highway bridge over the river channel at the point where it emerges from Lake Bemidji. (taken August 2011) The Mississippi River as it leaves Lake Bemidji; northern Minnesota

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Population (2010) 13,431 Introduction Bemidji, the First City on the Mississippi (the official slogan!), is a small but vibrant city with an active arts scene and enough outdoors activities to get a couch potato outside any time of year. History The city takes its name from the Ojibwe word for the lake: Bay-me-ji-ga (where the

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Curling the Night Away

It was a Monday night in January, and I was heading to Bemidji City Park to check out broomball at the outdoor rink. I had not entirely convinced myself that this is how I wanted to spend my time, because: a) it’s freaking cold outside (around 10°F); and b) I have a cold. But, I haven’t played broomball since high school and feel like I need a broomball refresher course, so I can include it in a piece I want to write about the joy that is winter in northern Minnesota. When I noticed that the curling arena next to the rink was busy, however, I was handed the excuse I needed to change my plans and went inside to investigate.

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