Picture of the Day: Julien Dubuque Monument Overlook

Overlook #8 of 13: Looking toward Dubuque, Iowa from the Julien Dubuque Monument at Mines of Spain Recreation Area (photo taken Aug 2009). See more Photos here. The city of Dubuque Iowa from the Julien Dubuque Monument

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Picture of the Day: Oversized American Gothic

This fun sculpture, God Bless America by J. Seward Johnson, found a temporary home outside the Dubuque (Iowa) Museum of Art. I don't know this for a fact, but I'm willing to bet it has quickly become one of the most-photographed sites in the area.

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Destination of the Day: Mines of Spain

Horseshoe Bluff, Mines of Spain Rec Area Fall color is peaking right now along the Upper Mississippi River. Last week I suggested hiking at Turkey River Mounds south of Guttenberg, Iowa. Another place where you can usually enjoy good color with good views is the 1,400-acre Mines of Spain Recreation Area at Dubuque, Iowa,

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Destination of the Day: County Fairs

Dubuque County Fair It's now county fair season all over the Midwest. Yea! Going to a fair is a good excuse to ride a Ferris wheel, eat a funnel cake, and wonder how the heck to judge which pig is more desirable than another before it becomes bacon. County fairs open this week in Dubuque

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Iowa’s Skuzzy River Towns

Last week, The Atlantic published an opinion piece about life in Iowa written by New Jersey-born Stephen G. Bloom, I had a hard time getting through the whole article, because I don’t generally read fiction, especially when it is cloaked as respectable reporting.

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