Destination of the Day: Schafer Fisheries

Delicious fresh or smoked! Holiday feasting is just around the corner. Why not try something different this year and add some smoked carp  or smoked catfish to you holiday buffet? We have plenty of both in the Midwest, and they make great conversation pieces! Schafer Fisheries in Fulton, Illinois is a great source

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Destination of the Day: Fulton, Illinois

The first Dutch settlers arrived in Fulton in the mid-1800s and just kept coming, giving Fulton a strong Dutch identity that it has maintained to this day. This weekend (May 4 & 5, 2012), Fulton will be celebrating that heritage with Dutch Days, which is a good excuse to hit the road and explore the

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Population (2010) 3,481 Introduction The Mississippi River is not as wide here as in other nearby locations, hence this spot became known as The Narrows and gave Fulton and Clinton an advantage over other river communities. The first Dutch settler, Thomas Smith, arrived in Fulton in 1856, and, remarkably, Fulton has maintained a strong Dutch

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A Series of Fortunate Events

Hanover is the "Mallard Capital of the World" What a contrast. Friday I ran myself ragged covering territory from Hanover to Rapids City, Illinois, roughly 60 miles. Between 8am and 7pm, I visited 19 park and recreation areas, toured 8 museums/attractions, and ate lunch at a biker themepark restaurant called Poopy’s whose menu

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