Destination of the Day: Picket Fence Cafe

The Picket Fence Cafe is in an historic building next to the river in Guttenberg Summer has arrived, and I'm thinking about pie. Pie goes well with the warmer weather (as well as a scoop of vanilla). The next time I'm near Guttenberg, Iowa I'll be stopping at the Picket Fence Cafe. Tucked

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Iowa’s Skuzzy River Towns

Last week, The Atlantic published an opinion piece about life in Iowa written by New Jersey-born Stephen G. Bloom, I had a hard time getting through the whole article, because I don’t generally read fiction, especially when it is cloaked as respectable reporting.

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The Best Riverfronts along the Mississippi

I get around. I’ve visited every Mississippi River town from the Headwaters in northern Minnesota to Cape Girardeau, Missouri. One trend that I see is that, after a century of river towns turning their backs on their river, many are slowly pivoting back to their watery roots. But, a few towns are doing it much

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Population (2010) 1,919 Introduction Set in a plain three miles long by a mile deep, Guttenberg is a rare Mississippi River town: there are no railroad tracks running along its riverfront. Take a serene walking tour along the riverfront and check out the collection of sold, 19th-century stone buildings erected by solid, 19th-century German immigrants.

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