Father Mazzuchelli’s Churches

The frontier priest traveled the Mississippi River to serve tiny parishes. His buildings still grace many rivertowns.

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Picture of the Day: Nauvoo from Montrose

Looking toward Nauvoo, IL from Montrose, IA (photo taken Aug 2015). See more photos here. Nauvoo, IL from Montrose, IA

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The Murals of Montrose

I crossed the Highway 136 bridge back into Iowa and worked my way down maddeningly slow Main Street in Keokuk, a highly engineered but poorly thought out road that put the stop in stoplight. I plodded along toward Montrose, hoping to get there before the local history museum closed at 4. Guillermo "Memo" Dominguez

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Foggy Days

Fog can envelop the Mississippi Valley any time of year, but there's something especially magical about those fall mornings when the air is colder than the water and wisps of mist drift up from the river. Those are the mornings I reach for a heavy jacket, fill my thermos with fresh coffee, and pick a spot to

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Keokuk Book Signing and Depot Open House

Hi, everyone. The Old Depot in Keokuk will be hosting an open house and book signing on Saturday morning. Details are below. Hope to see you there. From: The Keokuk Union Depot Foundation The Keokuk Union Depot has scheduled an open house for Saturday, February 28 from 9:00 am – Noon. St Louis author, Dean

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Picture of the Day: The Clammer Perseveres Through Winter

Mississippi Harvest sculpture; Muscatine, Iowa (photo taken Jan 2015). See more photos here. Mississippi Harvest sculpture; Muscatine, IA

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