Picture of the Day: The Point, Lake City

A popular place for fishing, the Point is a small triangle of land that juts out into the Mississippi River (called Lake Pepin in this stretch) at Lake City, Minnesota. This picture was taken August, 2010. See more Pictures of the Day here. The Point; Lake City, Minnesota

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The Best Riverfronts along the Mississippi

I get around. I’ve visited every Mississippi River town from the Headwaters in northern Minnesota to Cape Girardeau, Missouri. One trend that I see is that, after a century of river towns turning their backs on their river, many are slowly pivoting back to their watery roots. But, a few towns are doing it much

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Lake City

Population (2010) 5,063 Introduction Lake City, more so than any other community in the region, feels like a resort town, with busy streets, boutique shops, a large marina crowded with sailboats, and unattractive waterfront condominiums. The lake abounds with natural beauty and recreational options, which explains why the city’s summer population swells to 12,000. Visitor

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