Destination of the Day: Tugfest

It's Tugfest time again this weekend, so, if you are anywhere within a couple hundred miles of Le Claire, Iowa or Port Byron, Illinois, you should detour to check out this wacky event. After all, when was the last time you saw a tug-of-war competition that spanned the Mississippi River? For more about Le Claire,

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Population (2010) 3,765 Introduction Le Claire is a storied river town, a classic Mississippi River port that boomed in the mid-19th century before suffering through a bust period as river commerce declined. Le Claire is located at an area along the Mississippi known as the Point, the spot where the river makes a sharp turn

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Folk Art

Folk art along the Mississippi River.

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Hi, y'all. I've been hitting the festival circuit the last couple of weekends and thought I would share the joy. Here is a summary of three of the best ones. TugFest Tug Fest is brilliant. I just can’t help thinking that the whole thing started as a bet after a few drinks. “Hey, I could

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Tug Fest

Two thousand feet of rope across the Mississippi River + teams of 20 tuggers = one good time.

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