Ten River Festivals to Liven Up Your Summer

If your budget is tight this year and your dream trip to Venice is on hold, now is a great time to hit the road to get reacquainted with the history and culture of the Mississippi Valley. And what could be more fun than visiting festivals along the river that mix history and culture with

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Destination of the Day: Tugfest

It's Tugfest time again this weekend, so, if you are anywhere within a couple hundred miles of Le Claire, Iowa or Port Byron, Illinois, you should detour to check out this wacky event. After all, when was the last time you saw a tug-of-war competition that spanned the Mississippi River? For more about Le Claire,

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Population (2010) 3,765 Introduction Le Claire is a storied river town, a classic Mississippi River port that boomed in the mid-19th century before suffering through a bust period as river commerce declined. Le Claire is located at an area along the Mississippi known as the Point, the spot where the river makes a sharp turn

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Hi, y'all. I've been hitting the festival circuit the last couple of weekends and thought I would share the joy. Here is a summary of three of the best ones. TugFest Tug Fest is brilliant. I just can’t help thinking that the whole thing started as a bet after a few drinks. “Hey, I could

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