Picture of the Day: McGregor

McGregor (Iowa) has the nickname "Pocket City" and one look at the picture below will help you understand why. Tucked into a narrow valley that extends westward from the Mississippi River, the landscape where the town was established has helped ensure that McGregor will remain a small town. See more Pictures of the Day here.

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Destination of the Day: Trader’s Jubilee in McGregor, Iowa

If you have fantasized about what it would be like to live in the Old West, head to McGregor, Iowa this weekend to outfit yourself  at the Trader's Jubilee. Sponsored by the River Junction Trade Company, supplier of Old West atmosphere to Hollywood and regular folk, the event brings together period enthusiasts, dealers, and fans for

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Iowa’s Skuzzy River Towns

Last week, The Atlantic published an opinion piece about life in Iowa written by New Jersey-born Stephen G. Bloom, I had a hard time getting through the whole article, because I don’t generally read fiction, especially when it is cloaked as respectable reporting.

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A Few Words About McGregor, Iowa

I meant to post this earlier, but, you know how it goes. On Saturday, June 5, I will be signing books at The Paper Moon in McGregor, Iowa. McGregor is one of my favorite places along the river. Below is an excerpt from my Lansing to LeClaire travel guide that explains part of the reason.

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Population (2010) 871 Introduction McGregor is a special 21st century river town, one in which the past feels connected to the present. Don’t rush yourself here. Take time to stroll Main Street, chat with locals, eat a meal, hike at Pikes Peak State Park, and grab some z’s at one of the cozy guesthouses in

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