Twin Cities Photo Gallery

The Mississippi River runs right through the heart of the Twin Cities, a lively metropolitan area anchored by Minneapolis and St. Paul.  Flip through the photos in this gallery for a peak at the riverfronts, neighborhoods, and architecture of the region. And don't miss the photo galleries for the Minnesota State Fair and the St. Paul

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Population (2010) 865 in the township History The future village of Nininger was built on a high bank above the river, safely out of reach of high water, but with good access to the river. The settlement was first known as Bluff Landing, then as Bassett's Landing because John Bassett lived there. The first settler

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Population (2010) 21,874 History Rosemount is an old community in Dakota County, but one with only a minor connection to the Mississippi River: Spring Lake Park is within the city boundaries, touching the Mississippi River in the far northeast corner of the city. It’s fair to say that Rosemount’s development had much more to do

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Inver Grove Heights

Population (2010) 33,880 History The McGroarty family, the first of many immigrants from Ireland to settle in the area, reached the US in 1848. The family included 24-year old John, Bridget, his wife, their 2-year old son Bryan, and John’s 23-year old brother, William. Their trip from New York City to St. Paul took 4 years, probably

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South St. Paul

Population (2010) 20,160 History Located along the bluffs downriver from downtown, the floodplain was the last location for the Dakota village called Kaposia that was inhabited until the mid-19th century. Today's South Saint Paul is a city in two distinct geographic locations: the residential areas and town center are high atop the bluffs, but the

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