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Ten years ago, I began writing about the Mississippi River. Yes, it’s been ten years! As you may or may not have followed every step I have taken in the past ten years, here are a few highlights: I share stories of the people and places along the Mississippi, like the story about the University

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Let’s Write Another Book!

This winter has been dreary—cold, snowy, lots of time spent on marketing instead of writing—so I decided to get started on the next book to boost my spirits. I’m ready to get moving. I have ambitious plans for this year, with two books to market and plans to research and write two more. The third

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Preparing for the Release of Book 2

Lansing to LeClaire book cover The second book went to the printer this week. Yea! This book will cover about 170 miles of Mississippi River real estate (on both banks) stretching from LeClaire, Iowa/Rapids City, Illinois to the Blackhawk Bridge at Lansing, Iowa. I'll have more to say about the book later.

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