Destination of the Day: Center for Belgian Culture

Belgian Waffles! Moline, Illinois has a large population of Americans with Belgian ancestry. The Center for Belgian Culture/the Belgian Museum of the Quad Cities has taken on the task of preserving the region's Belgian heritage. Visit the museum on a normal day and you'll see displays about homing pigeons, Belgian lace, and a

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Song of the Day: The Beaver That Ate Moline

The beaver we know today is nothing like the beaver of prehistoric times. Those beasts (Castoroides ohioensis) got as big as 8 feet and 220 pounds, about as big as some black bears today. That's a lot of beaver! So it's not entirely implausible that a giant beaver could eat a modern American city, as

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Population (2010) 43,483 NOTE: See the Quad Cities overview for regional information on tourism centers, festivals, and getting around. Early History Moline is another municipality that was founded on land originally owned by Antoine LeClaire. He sold several parcels to early settlers, many of whom were migrants from New England. Among them was David Sears,

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Quad Cities Overview

Introduction View from Arsenal Island clock tower Welcome to the Quad Cities, where the Mississippi River flows from east to west—to get from Iowa to Illinois you have to go south! The Quad Cities consist of the Iowa cities of Davenport and Bettendorf and the Illinois cities of Rock

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Moline After Dark

Moline, Illinois was settled by morally upright migrants from New England, people whose families had been in America for several generations, God-fearing Protestants who appreciated the value of a good day’s work and railed against the evils of drink. Given the pleasures to be found in downtown Moline today, those founding Moliners must be ready

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