Destination of the Day: National Luxembourg Day

St. Donatus may have just 135 permanent residents, but the town will be swelling to two or three hundred on Thursday (June 21, 2012) as folks honor their ancestors by celebrating National Luxembourg Day. Stop into Kalmes Restaurant (between 5pm and 8:30) for a buffet dinner of homemade treats and Luxembourgian specialties (ever tried triepen?)

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St. Donatus

Population (2010) 135 Introduction St. Donatus [dun-ae-tus] was founded by immigrants from Luxembourg and built on the backs of the farm economy, never getting too big for its britches. The village has a few attractions that merit a quick stop (including several stone buildings that date to the 1850s), but the real treats are the

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More Festival-ing

One of my goals this summer was to go festival crazy, while not overdosing on corn dogs and funnel cakes. Mission accomplished. I only had one corn dog and one funnel cake, but I couldn’t pass up my first (and last) fried Twinkie. Here’s a list of the festivals that were part of my summer/fall circuit: • National

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A Series of Fortunate Events

Hanover is the "Mallard Capital of the World" What a contrast. Friday I ran myself ragged covering territory from Hanover to Rapids City, Illinois, roughly 60 miles. Between 8am and 7pm, I visited 19 park and recreation areas, toured 8 museums/attractions, and ate lunch at a biker themepark restaurant called Poopy’s whose menu

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