Enduring Benefits of the CCC and WPA

In 1932, the US Gross National Product dropped a record 13% and nearly one-quarter of the adult population was unemployed; in three years 40% of American banks had failed. In the first few weeks after his inauguration in March 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt launched a series of ambitious public works programs to get people working

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Father Mazzuchelli’s Churches

The frontier priest traveled the Mississippi River to serve tiny parishes. His buildings still grace many rivertowns.

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Picture of the Day: A Windy Day on the River

Wind-blown waves roll past a dock near Ferryville, WI (photo taken Oct 2010). See more photos here. Wind-blown waves near Ferryville, WI  

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Delayed Gratification

When I first started exploring the places along the Mississippi River, I did a lot of driving. When I’d get to a new community, I’d look for the good places to be near or on the river, so I could pass those tips along to other travelers, then I’d pack my car and drive to

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Foggy Days

Fog can envelop the Mississippi Valley any time of year, but there's something especially magical about those fall mornings when the air is colder than the water and wisps of mist drift up from the river. Those are the mornings I reach for a heavy jacket, fill my thermos with fresh coffee, and pick a spot to

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Sinnippi Wisconsin

Once upon a time, a village named Sinipi was here The flat path along the backwaters at today's Fenley State Recreation Area was originally one of the main streets for the town of Sinnippi (a word that apparently means "lead ore" in an unspecified Native American language). The town was settled in 1831 by

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