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Delayed Gratification

When I first started exploring the places along the Mississippi River, I did a lot of driving. When I’d get to a new community, I’d look for the good places to be near or on the river, so I could pass those tips along to other travelers, then I’d pack my car and drive to

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Minnesota’s Iron Range Podcast

Hull Rust Mahoning Mine; Hibbing, Minnesota I was lucky enough to spend much of the summer of 2011 in northern Minnesota, getting to know the region where the Mississippi begins. Of all the places I went, there were few that grabbed my attention more so than the Iron Range. The unforgiving climate and

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Forward Mississippi

Sometimes we need to remind people that there’s a river near them. Sure, we may kinda remember something about a river that we think runs near us, but most of us don’t get to that river very often and we sure don’t know a lot about it. That’s why we need those reminders. Enter Wild

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Paddling Lessons

Mississippi River in the Headwaters region I’ve been lucky enough to take a couple of 2-day canoe trips on the Mississippi River this year. In April, I paddled with the Quapaw Canoe Company and River Sage John Ruskey near Baton Rouge. In August I paddled solo for 39 miles in the Headwaters Region

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Paddlers, Peddlers, Artists, and More

It seems that the Mississippi only makes it in the news when it’s flooding or something happens that slows down barges. You can be forgiven if you think the Mississippi today is little more than a taxpayer-funded shipping canal hidden behind levees. I was reminded of this after a recent 11-day trip along the Upper

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