Stories from travels that are not along the Mississippi River.

Cranberry Fest

When I think of cranberries I think of New England. Maybe you think of Thanksgiving or scones or how they taste with a little vodka, but I think of New England. Now I’m going to start thinking of Wisconsin. You may think of Wisconsin as the dairy state (and the place where you don't need

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We just got back from a very relaxing four days and three nights in Cancun. That’s in Mexico, in case you weren’t sure. Even if you’ve been there, you may not have realized that you were in Mexico. You need about as much Spanish as you would to visit that Mexican restaurant down the street from

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Climbing Tài Shan

"When Pangu, the ancestor of all things, died, his head turned into Mount Tai, his belly turned into the Central Mountain, his left arm turned into the South Mountain, his right arm turned into the North Mountain and his feet turned into the West Mountain. Mount Tai thus has become the head of all mountains."

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