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Unintended Consequences

Changing channels for the Red, Mississippi, and Atchafalaya Rivers In 1831, Henry Shreve, a riverboat captain who was always looking for ways to make it easier to navigate the Mississippi River, saw a bottleneck on the lower Mississippi and wanted to do something about it. At Turnbull’s Bend, the river

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Farewell, Third Street Deli

The first time I walked in the door of the Third Street Deli in Pepin, Wisconsin, Judith, the owner/chef, looked up from the grill and said “Ooh, a handsome stranger just walked in.” I was a little hung over—honestly, I was very hung over from a late night exploring the downtown bars in La Crosse—and

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Steamboating on the Mississippi River

The American Queen pulled out of St. Louis at 6pm, three hours ahead of schedule. The Mississippi River was technically closed to commercial traffic, but the captain worked out a deal to let us pass by the trouble spot as long as we did it during daylight hours. Because of the early departure, a couple

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