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The Delta Queen in Song

Delta Queen at Chattanooga, TN When you’ve been around as long as the Delta Queen, a whole lot of people develop a whole lot of affection for you. This may explain why, even 6 years after being shut out of overnight cruising, some people are still trying to get her back on the

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Down River by Song

Take a trip along the Mississippi River with these musicians.

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Catfish Blues: A Genealogy

Some songs, for whatever reason, catch on quickly and stick around long enough to spawn generations of copies. Catfish Blues is one of those songs; with at least 200 recorded versions (according to the Encyclopedia of the Blues) it has a genealogy that rivals Brigham Young, just with fewer first cousin marriages. My extensive internet

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Deep River Blues

I’m getting a helluva musical education by accident. Without any plan or forethought, I plunged into the idea of making a list of songs that have something to do with the Mississippi River. Now, 171 songs later, I’m amazed at how complicated this has become. One of the major complications is that I decided early

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