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Song of the Day: Riverside by Jacob Folk

I didn't intend for this month to feature musicians who wrote a collection of songs inspired by a trip along the river but that's what I ended up doing. This week we turn to Jacob Folk who traveled along North America's great rivers in the summer of 2011, exploring the world around and within him.

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Song of the Day: Riverman’s Daughter by The Grahams

Last week I featured a song from Rosanne Cash's new CD, The River & The Thread; much of the music was inspired by a trip she took back to the South to explore her family roots. She's far from the only musician to be inspired to write songs by travelling along the Mississippi River. In

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Song of the Day: The Sunken Lands by Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash has a fine new CD out--The River and the Thread--inspired in large part by a trip back to the family homeland in the Mississippi Delta. This song in particular, The Sunken Lands, speaks to life along the Mississippi River, focusing on the area around Dyess, Arkansas where the Cash family established itself during

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Song of the Day: From the Upper Mississippi by Rum Drum Ramblers

Rum Drum Ramblers We're going to end the February celebration of St. Louis' 250th birthday with one last post featuring another St. Louis band, and another at the crossroads of musical styles. The guys who make up the Rum Drum Ramblers were, like many teenagers, fans of the punk scene. Unlike many of

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Song of the Day: Sounds of the Mounds by Bug Chaser

Bug Chaser Happy birthday, St. Louis! (Well, maybe it was yesterday, or perhaps it's next month; there's a bit of confusion about the actual date that Pierre Laclede set about building his new city.) At the Song of the Day Department, we've been celebrating all month by featuring St. Louis musicians, most of

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Song of the Day: Mississippi River by Salisbury

Salisbury; from St. Louis, MO This month we're bringing you music you've probably never heard before but should, and we're doing it with a St. Louis theme because the city is celebrating its 250th birthday this year. Today's selection comes from a band called Salisbury, a project masterminded by Eric Lysaght. I suppose

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