Posts that highlight cool places and events along the Mississippi River.

Destination of the Day: Hixon Forest hiking

Lookout Point in Hixon Forest We continue our May trek along Wisconsin's west coast with a stop high above La Crosse. Hixon Forest's 800 acres are criss-crossed by 13 miles of trails for hikers and dirt bikers, winding their way up and across several bluffs with great views of the region. I was

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Destination of the Day: Third Street Deli

Third Street Deli; Pepin, WI Pepin, Wisconsin may be known as the home of one particularly famous restaurant, but if you haven't stopped in at the Third Street Deli to dine with Chef Judith, your visit is incomplete. With an emphasis on fresh ingredients and preparation, you can dine on omelets with seasonal

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Destination of the Day: Maiden Rock Inn

What do you do with a solid old schoolhouse that has been taken out of service? Gary and Jennifer Peterson decided that it was a great idea to turn one into the Maiden Rock Inn, a bed and breakfast on the eastern shore of Lake Pepin. I imagine the whole project took a little more

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Destination of the Day: Bunnell House

While Homer, Minnesota isn't quite the buzzing river town that it was once, it is still home to one of the oldest extant houses along the Upper Mississippi. The home of Willard and Matilda Bunnell was built in the 1850s in a style that some have called "Steamboat Gothic." Bunnell was one of the early

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Destination of the Day: Loon Lake Decoy Company

Decoys have come a long way. In Wabasha, Minnesota, just off the Great River Road, the Loon Lake Decoy Company sells decoys that are so beautiful that you'll be more inclined to place it on a prominent shelf in your home than to float it in the water to attract waterfowl. Look for the stunning

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Destination of the Day: Vento Nature Sanctuary

Vento Sanctuary was formerly an industrial area near the Mississippi River Vento Nature Sanctuary offers a slice of born-again nature in the midst of an old urban core. Sandwiched between railroad tracks and bluffs (and very near the Mississippi River), the 29 acres are part of a former industrial area that is slowing

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