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Dean Klinkenberg, The Mississippi Valley Traveler Are you interested in the history and culture of the Mississippi River Valley? Consider hosting an event with Dean Klinkenberg, the Mississippi Valley Traveler. Klinkenberg, author and photographer, currently offers several different presentations: The Mississippi River in Song: What the River Means to Us “My ma and

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St. Louis author Dean Klinkenberg, the Mississippi Valley Traveler, has spent a decade exploring the backwaters and back roads of the Mississippi River Valley, from the Headwaters in northern Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. He’s worn out a car driving up and down the Great River Road and back up again (130,000 miles and

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Media Big River Magazine Blogs About the River The lower Mississippi isn't just  for barges and levees. Get to know the lower Mississippi and and plan a trip on the water with the help of the Rivergator maps and guides. Mississippi River Resource Page: Lots of information about the river, especially if you're considering canoeing

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