Rock Island Lines PDF (Frank Dodge Series #1)


The debut mystery featuring travel writer/amateur sleuth Frank Dodge.


He knows not to bury the lead. But if he follows this story, he could end up six feet under…

Travel writer Frank Dodge needs a breakout piece to resurrect his sinking career. So when he gets a tip about one of the last surviving descendants of the notorious mobster John Looney, he drops everything and heads to Davenport, Iowa. But after a long and boozy interview, his article turns into a murder mystery when his source is found floating face down in the Mississippi.

Pegged by the police as their prime suspect, Dodge vows to catch the real killer. With a helping hand from his homicide detective friend, he uncovers a deadly rivalry going back to 1900’s gambling halls and gang wars. But the deeper he digs, the more he fears he’ll wind up another casualty watering a bl