Small Town Pleasures (PDF)


Small towns make relaxing getaways, and I’ve got 27 suggestions for you along the Mississippi River from Minnesota to Louisiana (the book is available in print or as a PDF; see the description below for details).


Small towns along the Mississippi River are great places to visit, especially when we don’t feel like dealing with the hassles of visiting bigger cities.

This PDF features 27 small towns along the Mississippi River from Minnesota to Louisiana. Small is the key word: each one has a population under 10,000 people, and the smallest community has just 66 permanent residents.

In each community, you’ll enjoy:
• Historic architecture
• Outdoor recreation
• Great river views
• Friendly people

The PDF includes a brief history for each town, plus highlights of what to see and do once you’re there.

Take a walk along the river. Get a piece of pie. Find a tavern and share a drink with the folks who live there. Have a conversation. Above all, enjoy the slower pace. But be warned: this type of travel is terribly addictive.

Details: 65 pages; PDF has color photographs; photos inside the print version are black & white; published October 2017.

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