Lillienthal Iowa

A small section of what is now Bettendorf was once known as Lillienthal, after the family that ran a tavern and dance hall. One noted resident of Lillienthal was Oscar Kobs, who served as town crier during the Civil War, calling residents to meetings on the town commons. Lillienthal was absorbed into the town of Gilbert

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Gilbert Iowa

Elias Gilbert arrived from the East Coast in 1850 and built a house and barn, planted corn, and tried to grow tobacco. In 1858 he used his authority as county surveyor to platt 29 lots for the town of Gilbert that included the area formerly known as Lillienthal. The former town's boundaries are now part of Bettendorf

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Population (2010) 33,217 NOTE: See the Quad Cities overview for regional information on tourism centers, festivals, and getting around. Early History Early development moved slowly in the area that is now Bettendorf. Once home to the villages of Lillienthal and Gilbert, the area may have stayed a sleepy rural village if not for the arrival of

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Quad Cities Overview

Introduction View from Arsenal Island clock tower Welcome to the Quad Cities, where the Mississippi River flows from east to west—to get from Iowa to Illinois you have to go south! The Quad Cities consist of the Iowa cities of Davenport and Bettendorf and the Illinois cities of Rock Island, Moline, and

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