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Song of the Day: Heart of the Night by Poco

Poco, formed from the remnants of the group Buffalo Springfield, produced a few pleasant pop hits in the 1970s and beyond. You can read a pretty thorough bio of the group here, but I'm just interested in one song, Heart of the Night, from their 1978 album Legend. It's a sweet song that reminds us that our loved one

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Song of the Day: Mississippi River by The Lawsuits

The Lawsuits We mark a major milestone today, posting our 103rd Song of the Day! Sure, some people get all excited about milestones like 50 or 100 but 103 is 3% harder than 100, so that's good enough reason for me to celebrate. If you've missed any of the previous 102, click on

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Song of the Day: Gonna Be Free by Doctor G and the Mudcats

Doctor G I'm heading to Quincy, Illinois tonight to watch Doctor G and the Mudcats play at Cellar 21. In honor of this show, I'm picking a song from their 2010 CD, My Daddy's Blues, as the Song of the Day. Gonna Be Free is great tune inspired by the stories of slaves trying

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Song of the Day: Mississippi Flood by TJ and Garth Hudson

We're closing out flood month with an angry, foreboding song from TJ Colatrella with The Band's Garth Hudson. Mississippi Flood was recorded in 2011 at Levon Helm's barn in Woodstock, New York. The music video skillfully mixes film footage from the 1927 flood with TJ's vocals. Listen to more Songs here.

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Song of the Day: Big Muddy by Step Into the Blue

In 2006 four highly regarded bluegrass musicians (Tommy Drake, Chris Stockwell, Tim Corbett, and Kelly Davis) and a whole bunch of their friends got together to record a few new and traditional tunes. They called themselves Step Into the Blue and gave the CD the same name. One of the songs on this CD, Big

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