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Ten years ago, I began writing about the Mississippi River. Yes, it’s been ten years! As you may or may not have followed every step I have taken in the past ten years, here are a few highlights: I share stories of the people and places along the Mississippi, like the story about the University

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Ice on the Mississippi River

We’ve had a run of cold weather in St. Louis for a couple of weeks now, so ice floes are a common sight on the Mississippi River. I took advantage of the cold weather (how often do I get to say that!) to take some photos along the downtown St. Louis riverfront and of

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In Search of Justice and Redemption

In 1964 Mississippi, civil rights activists were fighting to dismantle deeply entrenched legal segregation and racism and the defenders of segregation were fighting back. On April 24, the Ku Klux Klan flexed its muscles by setting 61 crosses on fire around the state. By the time summer was over, Klan members had burned 20 black

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