Along the Mississippi River Through Iowa

Iowa’s 45 Mississippi River communities offer a diverse range of experiences, from the scenic small towns of the northeast, to the lively urban life of the Quad Cities, to the industrial cities of the southeast. In the northeast region, the old river town of McGregor entices visitors to slow down and stick around for a while, to enjoy a hike and the views at Pikes Peak State Park or explore the culture of early Americans at Effigy Mounds National Monument. Dubuque’s downtown area has been born again as historic buildings have been renovated and populated by local restaurants and entertaining bars. On the Iowa side of the Quad Cities, visitors will find museums, craft beer, and busy riverfront trails. In the southeast corner of the state, old industrial cities are re-orienting to 21st century economies and freshening up their riverfronts. Regardless of where you are along Iowa’s river territory, you’ll find no shortage of opportunities to explore the natural world—to hike, bike, or boat along the Mississippi River. Communities are listed from north to south.

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Northeast Region

Quad Cities Region

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