NOTE: This product is no longer available, but a few print copies may still be in stock. In addition, many of the communities are covered in Road Tripping Along the Great River Road, Volume 1.

The Mississippi Valley Traveler’s guide to the Mississippi River between Lansing and LeClaire has comprehensive coverage of 47 communities in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois along the Great River Road, including the cities of Dubuque, Galena, Prairie du Chien, and McGregor/Marquette. Discover a region rich in history and big characters: Native American mound builders, lead miners, Father Samuel Mazzuchelli, Black Hawk, and steam boats captains.  On the west bank, this book covers Iowa communities from Lansing to LeClaire; on the east bank, it includes river towns from Ferryville, Wisconsin to Port Byron, Illinois. 360 pages; published October 2009.