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St. Louis, my hometown, is a city with a long and layered history. Being in Flyover Country, we tend to make the national news only when something goes wrong. Sure, we have our problems, but so do plenty of other places. We are a big city with big-city benefits and problems. We have cultural institutions that are the envy of many places, but we also have more crime that I wish we did. For a big city, traffic is a breeze, but you almost have to have a car to get around the area reliably. Summer can be pretty darn hot and muggy, but spring and fall are often amazing. And even though folks complain about the cold, winter is usually mild by any objective measure.

Maybe best of all, St. Louis is surprisingly affordable for a big city. We have a good quality of life for a lot less money than people in other parts of the country. That also means that St. Louis is an inexpensive place for visitors, too. Plus, we have the Mississippi River as our front door. Don’t just come here, look at the Arch, and drive on. Stick around a few days and (or come back for another visit) and get to know the city that looks East, opened the West, yet feels a whole lot Southern.

TIP: Read the Introduction to St. Louis for more about the region, including festivals, getting around, and the various municipalities.

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