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Song of the Day: Cairo Blues by Melvin ‘Lil Son’ Jackson

Flood month continues at the Song of the Day Department with another song from the 1927 flood: Cairo Blues by Melvin 'Lil Son' Jackson. Recorded in 1949, Jackson references parts of an earlier song, High Water Blues by Blue Belle, a much darker take on the 1927 flood than Jackson's. Listen to more Songs here.

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Song of the Day: Backwater Blues by Bessie Smith

It's May, which means the Mississippi is rising and it's time for a month's worth of flood songs. We're going to kick it off with a classic from Bessie Smith: Backwater Blues. A lot of people associate this song with the 1927 flood, but it was actually recorded in February of 1927, several weeks before

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Song of the Day: Moody River by Doc Watson

We're continuing our April tour of songs about rivers that aren't specifically about the Mississippi. Moody River was a big hit for Pat Boone in 1961, which is something of a surprise given that the song is about a woman who drowned herself in a river after cheating on her boyfriend. Happy stuff. I prefer

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Song of the Day: Ride the River by JJ Cale and Eric Clapton

We're switching things up for a month at the Song of the Day Department. There are a lot of good songs out there about rivers, even if many of them aren't specifically about the Mississippi. We normally file those songs away for our personal enjoyment, but this month we're going to share a few of

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Song of the Day: Slow Down Mississippi River by JD Edwards

JD Edwards Band We're looking north today for the Song of the Day, all the way to Winnipeg's JD Edwards Band. This song has something of an unusual back story as I understand it. The band was touring in the US when JD needed an emergency appendectomy while in Memphis, which gave him

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