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The Mississippi Valley Traveler

Whether you’re thinking about taking a road trip to the Mississippi River or just want to get to know the river better, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find facts about the Mississippi (like its length and depth and major floods), river town histories and visitor tipsphoto galleries, and music inspired by the Mississippi. If you want to go deeper, you can browse feature articles or buy books about the river. Just follow the links below or use the search box above to go directly to what you’re looking for. Enjoy!


Discover a River Town

Thinking of traveling along the Mississippi River? Start with these profiles of river towns.

Frank Dodge Mysteries

Mysteries set in the Mississippi Valley.

Mississippi River Guide Books

Traveling along the Mississippi River? These guide books will help.


Mississippi River Music

How many songs are there about the Mississippi River? A lot. See the list and listen to some tunes.

Talks about the River

Bring the Mississippi Valley Traveler to your community for talks about river music, history, and getting to know the river.


Photo Galleries

Photos of people, places, and festivals along the Mississippi River.


Facts About the Mississippi River

How much do you know about the Mississippi River?


Feature Articles

Stories about the people and places of the Mississippi River Valley.



Stories from the road and the river.

Mississippi Valley Traveler

Who is this guy and why does he spend so much time along the Mississippi River?

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