Picture of the Day: Tundra Swans

Tundra swans have returned to the Mississippi Valley for their annual autumn visit. Last weekend south of Brownsville, the area north of Lock and Dam #8 counted some 10,000 swans, with a few thousand more yet to come. The photo below was taken last Sunday (November 18, 2012). See more Pictures of the Day here. Tundra

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Population (2010) 790 Introduction A classic river town that experienced a boom period fueled by great expectations, followed by the bubble bursting. Brownsville today is a pleasant small town that is still strongly connected to the river, albeit more for recreation than for economic reasons. Visitor Information Direct your questions to the Brownsville village office

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Churches along the River Road

Continuing with the religious theme, let’s talk about churches. I am not a religious person (hard to believe after the last two posts, huh?), yet I never get tired of visiting churches. In many small towns, the church is the most impressive structure. In the mid- to late-1800s the Upper Miss Valley was the frontier, the edge of

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Tundra Swans

I just can’t help myself. I had a chance to sneak in one more trip along the River Road and couldn’t resist. This week’s mission: find out why there is such a fuss about the annual fall migration of tundra swans. Tundra swans (Cygnus columbianus) spend half of their lives getting from place to place.

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