Destination of the Day: Dowling House

Dowling House; Galena, IL It's a new month, which means a new state for the Destination of the Day: Illinois! When John Dowling built his house and trading post in Galena (Illinois), John Quincy Adams was President, Galena was riding a lead mining boom, and Chicago was a swamp. Today, 185 years later,

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Destination of the Day: The Inn at Irish Hollow

The Inn at Irish Hollow It's that time of year when we need a touch of elegance and pampering to get us through the holidays and into a new year. If that's what you're ready for, look no further than The Inn at Irish Hollow in rural Galena, Illinois. Whether you choose a

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Population (2010) 3,429 Introduction The oldest city in northern Illinois, Galena was more populous than Chicago at one time and has the infrastructure for a city three times its current population. It has a compact center of well-preserved 19th-century commercial buildings tucked into a narrow river valley; terraces race up the steep hillsides north and

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