Mississippi River towns in Illinois

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

Population (1200 AD) 20,000 Introduction If the Mississippian culture had built with stone instead of dirt, their civilization would be as famous as the Mayans and draw crowds of tourists like Angkor Wat. Instead, we collectively ignore or remain ignorant of the sophisticated civilization that dominated much of the

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Population (2010) 27,891 Introduction Alton is a city with a layered history that is worth the time to explore. When you’re done, take a drive along the Mississippi River up to Grafton, which is one of the most scenic stretches of the Great River Road; it can be very

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Population (2010) 18,007 Introduction Godfrey is an old agricultural community that has grown far beyond its farming roots. The fields where inventive early settlers once conducted agricultural experiments are now covered with housing subdivisions and a growing college. Many of the town's early historic sites are still around, though,

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