Delayed Gratification

When I first started exploring the places along the Mississippi River, I did a lot of driving. When I’d get to a new community, I’d look for the good places to be near or on the river, so I could pass those tips along to other travelers, then I’d pack my car and drive to

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Destination of the Day: Loon Lake Decoy Company

Decoys have come a long way. In Wabasha, Minnesota, just off the Great River Road, the Loon Lake Decoy Company sells decoys that are so beautiful that you'll be more inclined to place it on a prominent shelf in your home than to float it in the water to attract waterfowl. Look for the stunning

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Population (2010) 2,521 Introduction Known for bald eagles and the Grumpy Old Men movies, Wabasha is a pleasant river town and an enjoyable place to kick back and watch the world float by. Wabasha is also among the few towns where the riverfront is undisturbed by railroad tracks, so you can enjoy the scenery in

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