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Welcome to Riverdale!

Welcome to Riverdale!

Riverdale is barely two square miles of real estate that is surrounded by Bettendorf on three sides and by the Mississippi River on the other. A relative newcomer to the local incorporation scene, Riverdale came into being in the late 1940s after the Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa but now called Arconic), completed its mile-long aluminum rolling mill along the riverfront, keeping alive a Quad Cities tradition of massive industrial sites next to the river. In 1948 the growing subdivisions attracted the attention of Bettendorf officials, who tried to annex the area. Residents objected, however, and in 1950 they filed a petition to incorporate as a separate town. The Iowa Supreme Court ended a three-year legal battle by ruling in favor of Riverdale.

NOTE: See the Quad Cities overview for regional information on tourism centers, festivals, and getting around.

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