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Ten River Festivals to Liven Up Your Summer

If your budget is tight this year and your dream trip to Venice is on hold, now is a great time to hit the road to get reacquainted with the history and culture of the Mississippi Valley. And what could be more fun than visiting festivals along the river that mix history and culture with

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Curling the Night Away

It was a Monday night in January, and I was heading to Bemidji City Park to check out broomball at the outdoor rink. I had not entirely convinced myself that this is how I wanted to spend my time, because: a) it’s freaking cold outside (around 10°F); and b) I have a cold. But, I haven’t played broomball since high school and feel like I need a broomball refresher course, so I can include it in a piece I want to write about the joy that is winter in northern Minnesota. When I noticed that the curling arena next to the rink was busy, however, I was handed the excuse I needed to change my plans and went inside to investigate.

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