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Small Town Getaways: FREE Big cities are great places to visit, but we all sometimes need a break from the busy pace and the crowds. If you’re ready for a place where life runs at a slower pace, but one that still has enough going on to make a visit satisfying,

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Quad Cities History Sampler

Get acquainted with the region’s rich and varied history by exploring the places below. TO DO The places below will give you a broad exposure to the region’s rich history. German-American Heritage Center (Davenport), River, Prairie, & People exhibit at the Putnam Museum (Davenport), Palmer Mansion and Palmer Museum (Davenport), Colonel Davenport House (Rock Island Arsenal),

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Quad Cities Family Weekend

The Quad Cities offer a range of activities for families with children of any age, or so I'm told. I don't have children (other than that silly inner child of mine), so I'm making my best guess here. Let me know if you have better ideas. TO DO Get on the river, play in a

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Quad Cities Cultural Weekend

Spend a weekend exploring the cultural attractions in the Quad Cities, sampling the region’s good food, fine museums, and excellent locally-brewed beer. TO DO The museums are cool, but I suggest branching out and experiencing something different. Figge Art Museum (Davenport), Chocolate Manor (Davenport), Bucktown Center for the Arts (Davenport), River Music Experience (Davenport), FOOD Taste the

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Itineraries Overview

Rather than telling you how to spend very moment of your trip, I offer a few suggestions to help you think about the variety of ways to experience the Mississippi Valley. The posts in this section identify a theme and offer ideas for things to do that follow that theme. I’ve provided more detail on these

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