Destination of the Day: Great Dakota Gathering

Dancing Feet For the past several years, Dakota of Minnesota have gathered for a weekend of education, reconciliation, and dancing in Winona. This year's Great Dakota Gathering takes on extra significance as 2012 marks the 150th anniversary of the Dakota conflict, a tragic series of events that left several hundred settlers dead, 38

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Destination of the Day: Lakeview Drive Inn (Winona, MN)

Summer is almost here (here in St. Louis it feels like it has already arrived), so it's no wonder I've been thinking about burgers and car hops. If you are near Winona, you can do more than think about it. The Lakeview Drive Inn has been keeping Winona residents sated on fresh grilled burgers and

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These Riverfronts Need Help

A couple of weeks ago I praised the cities along the Upper Mississippi River with the the best riverfronts. Now it’s time to prod the cities that could do a lot better. I resisted calling these the “Five Worst” because I think any place that provides a decent view of the Mississippi River shouldn’t be

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Population (2010) 27,592 Introduction Winona is an interesting blend of influences: blue-collar traditions mix with lively college campuses and a rich cultural scene. The city is now making plans to spruce up a neglected riverfront, to create something more befitting a city that is knee-deep in river history. Visitor Information The Winona Visitors Center is

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