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New Albin is located a bit off the river in a broad, flat plain called Ross’s Bench. You’ll find many recreation opportunities nearby.

Visitor Information

Tourism information is available through the Allamakee County Economic Development (563.568.2624).


Before there was New Albin, there was a place called Ross’s Landing just north of Winnebago Creek. This small community later become known as Jefferson and might have had a bright future, except for the fact that village officials sued the expanding railroad for additional compensation for land the railroad was taking to build tracks. The railroad responded by refusing to build a station at Jefferson, then founded the nearby town of New Albin, Iowa, which sucked away what little commerce had been conducted at Jefferson. The station at New Albin was completed in 1872.

On July 4 of that year, 11-year-old Albin, the son of Joseph Rhomberg, one of the proprietors of the town, was playing near a bonfire