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Barely more than a few houses, the small village is surrounded by a large state forest.


This area was notorious during the Civil War as a hideout for a gang of pirates, but Reno was built by the railroad, not gangsters. The mouth of Crooked Creek was the transfer point for trains on the westbound narrow gauge with the north-south tracks along the river. In 1882, Reno had a railroad station, a roundhouse, a residence for the agent, a coal shed, a water tank, a few houses, and a post office, which is more than it has today. This was never going to be a big community because of geography: between the slough and the bluffs, there just isn’t much room to build a town. Eleven inches of rain on June 16, 1946 led to flash flooding down the Crooked Creek valley, washing out roads, the railroad, and some pigs. Today, the unincorporated village has a few houses and a lot of scenery.

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