Ten River Festivals to Liven Up Your Summer

If your budget is tight this year and your dream trip to Venice is on hold, now is a great time to hit the road to get reacquainted with the history and culture of the Mississippi Valley. And what could be more fun than visiting festivals along the river that mix history and culture with

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Destination of the Day: Carp Fest

Lucky the Carp If you've tired of spending your New Year's Eve watching a crystal ball do the same thing it does every year in the same place, maybe you need a change of scenery. How about watching the traditional Dropping of the Carp in Prairie du Chien (Wisconsin)? While it may lack

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These Riverfronts Need Help

A couple of weeks ago I praised the cities along the Upper Mississippi River with the the best riverfronts. Now it’s time to prod the cities that could do a lot better. I resisted calling these the “Five Worst” because I think any place that provides a decent view of the Mississippi River shouldn’t be

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Persistence and Luck Led Me to Jail

When I visited with the Prairie du Chien (Wisconsin) Chamber of Commerce last week, I learned that the old courthouse has a jail/prison/dungeon in the basement that is sometimes open for tours. I got the name of a contact in the local historical society who had led tours in the past. I called, but he

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