The Gateway Arch is Finally a Part of St. Louis

Rising 630 feet above the Mississippi River and covered in gleaming stainless steel, the Gateway Arch is one of the most famous monuments in the world. It has become a proud symbol of St. Louis, yet somehow it has felt apart from the city where it was built. Busy streets and parking garages created physical

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Thomas Paquette’s Visions of the Mississippi River

Like many of us, painter Thomas Paquette had a simple idea that quickly grew out of control. His plan to paint the 72-mile stretch of the Mississippi River through the Twin Cities morphed into "Why not paint the whole river?" It took a while to explore the river and complete the paintings, but the

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These Are the Most Important Books about the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River has a long and complicated history. If you are like me and enjoy reading about different aspects of the river's history, you might wonder which books you should read to get the full picture. I'm here to help. In ten years, I've read a lot of books. I have suffered through

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How to Support Writing about the Mississippi River (Hint: Visit Patreon)

Ten years ago, I began writing about the Mississippi River. Yes, it’s been ten years! As you may or may not have followed every step I have taken in the past ten years, here are a few highlights: I share stories of the people and places along the Mississippi, like the story about the University

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