Population (2010)


Arriving in Town

County K is the main drag through the area.


Wilson Thing (perhaps an ancestor of Thing T. Thing of Addams Family fame) was the first person to settle in the area; he showed up in 1848. Most early settlers in the Trenton vicinity were Scandinavians. The area had a bustling commercial fishing operation in the early 20th century, roughly from 1930 to the 1970s. Nearby Trenton Island was a notorious hangout for gangsters like Pretty Boy Floyd and John Dillinger who probably dropped some cash in the brothels and taverns.

Exploring the Area

Sports & Recreation

Trenton Bluff State Natural Area (608.685.6222) has a couple of parcels with overlooks of the river valley. To reach the east tract, go north on County VV for 0.4 miles from Highway 35 and park along the road; walk due west through the woods and up the hill. For the western tract, go 1.5 miles north from the intersection of Highway 35 and County VV and park in the small pulloff; walk north of the road and up the hill.

Getting on the River

Everts Resort (N1705 860th St.; 715.792.2333) has a couple of fishing boats that guests at the resort can rent: a 15-foot boat without a motor, and a 16-foot Lund with motor and depth finder.

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Where to Sleep


Everts Resort (N1705 860th St.; 715.792.2333) has a few overnight sites with hookups for campers but is not really equipped for tent camping.


Everts Resort (N1705 860th St.; 715.792.2333; WiFi near office) has five basic cabins on the river that are well-suited for groups; it is a laid back place in summer but very busy in spring and fall with fishermen. Most of the cabins are equipped a kitchen, full bath, and bunk beds plus a full or queen bed and can sleep up to eight people. Bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and towel.

Where to Go Next

Heading upriver? Check out Diamond Bluff.

Heading downriver? Check out Hager City.

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