Mississippi River towns in Wisconsin

Wisconsin River Towns

Along the Mississippi River Through Wisconsin Wisconsin has some of the most scenic river towns you’ll find along the Mississippi River. Prescott was built at the juncture of the St. Croix and Mississippi Rivers. Wisconsin’s second oldest community, Prairie du Chien, was built near the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers. Alma and

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Population (2010) 4,258 Introduction Perched at the northern tip of the Wisconsin's Great River Road, Prescott is positioned where the clear blue water of the St. Croix River mixes with the ruddy Mississippi. The two great waterways form the core of an area that has an abundance of recreational options. Visitor Information Prescott has

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Diamond Bluff

Population (2010) 194 Introduction Diamond Bluff is a quiet residential community that is about a mile long but only a few blocks wide sandwiched between the railroad tracks and the river. Visitor Information Contact Pierce County Partners in Tourism (800.474.3723/715.273.5864). History A French guy lived here from 1799 until he died in 1824. His

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Arriving in Town County K is the main drag through the village. History Wilson Thing (perhaps an ancestor of Thing T. Thing of Addams Family fame) was the first person to settle in the area; he showed up in 1848. Most early settlers in the Trenton vicinity were Scandinavians. The area had a bustling

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Hager City

Population (2010) 338 Introduction Hager City may not look like much (it isn’t), but it has a place that you must visit, especially if you like authentic Jamaican food. Arriving in Town County Highways VV and K are the main routes in town. Visitor Information Contact Pierce County Partners in Tourism (715.273.5864). History Hager

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Bay City

Population (2010) 500 Introduction Once the center of a large commercial fishing operation, Bay City today is primarily a residential community, drawing fewer tourists than some of its neighbors along Lake Pepin. History Mr. A.C. Morton was the first known European to arrive at the future village site; he built a home in 1855.

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