Looking downriver from Turkey River Mounds Preserve

There are many places to get a good view along the Upper Mississippi River, but the easiest ones are the most crowded. This fall, as you are looking for a moderately difficult hike that come with good views and few visitors, consider Turkey River Mounds State Preserve south of Guttenberg, Iowa. The preserve follows a low ridge on the west bank of the river; from the top, you’ll have a wide view of the river valley that includes a peek at the Wisconsin city of Cassville. The hike is a bit steep at the beginning and end, and there are a couple of places along the top of the ridge that are more difficult to pass through, but overall it’s a rewarding hike and a good workout. Please be respectful of the mounds; don’t walk on them. Follow Estes Park Rd on the north side of the Turkey River until after the road forks, the park and hike uphill.

For more info on this preserve, consult the post for the village of Millville.

For more about places near Turkey River Mounds like Guttenberg or Cassville, check out the Lansing to LeClaire guide book, available in print form or as a PDF download.

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