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This unassuming village has a church that screams out for attention but not much else to explore.

Visitor Information

Direct your questions to the Grant County UWEX Office (608.723.2125) or surf to the Grant County tourism website.


The town was named after John Kieler, a stone mason from Prussia who arrived in the area in 1855 with his wife, Catherine Hube, and their seven children. Their son, George, gets much of the credit for the town’s early development. He built a general store and shoe shop and a town grew up around him. In those early years, the hills in the area made travel to Kieler difficult; their only connection to the outside world was the daily stagecoach to Louisburg.

George Kieler opened the first post office in 1883, and christened the town with its current name. Kieler was hooked up to the electric grid in 1926 and got its first paved road in 1931. In spite of its prime location on the main road to Dubuque, Kieler has remained a small, unincorporated village.

Exploring the Area

The lofty Immaculate Conception Church (3685 County Road HHH; 608.568.7530) was built in 1869 for a predominantly German congregation. In 1896, the church got a new front entrance and the two towers; the steeples were added in 1911. The inside has lost some of its original luster, but it is bright and the windows are beautiful.

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Where to Sleep


Rustic Barn Campground (3854 Dry Hollow Rd.; 608.568.7797; WiFi) has 58 sites in a mostly shaded but cozy setting that is only ten minutes from Dubuque (open mid-April–Oct 31).


  • Post Office: 3664 County Road HHH; 608.568.3426.

Where to Go Next

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