On-line travel guide for the Mississippi River Valley.

New Canton

Population (2010) 359 History Quincy founders John Wood and Willard Keyes pitched tents in this area when they first arrived from the East, but Charles T. Brewster, Hiram Smith, and Jesse Tittsworth get credited for starting the village in 1835. The government sold land in the township for $1.25 an acre; many early residents raised

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Population (2010) 216 History In 1836, Chester Churchill and Bridge Whitten, natives of New York, founded the village of Kinderhook. The village grew along and below a short bluff, an area that once had many American Indian mounds. It grew into a stable small town pretty quickly, with several stores, a blacksmith, a flour mill, a post

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Population (2010) 461 History David Hull (History of Pike County) Hull’s Station was platted by David Hull, Rensellaer Sweet, and William Bridge about the time the first railroad came through the area in 1871. The Hull family has certainly left its mark on the area. Thomas Hull came to Pike County early, moving here in

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Levee Township

Population (2010) 47 History Shaved off of Kinderhook Township in 1875, Levee Township takes its name from the big Sny Island Levee that keeps the Mississippi River from spilling into its traditional floodplain. Before the levee was built, The Sny, or Sny Channel, diverted from the main channel of the Mississippi River about ten miles

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The village of Seehorn had a road connection to Shepherd in the early years; the road was nicknamed Corduroy Road because of the number of poles laid across mud holes that made the trip a little more likely to be completed. Seehorn was later a stop along the 1920s-era Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean Highway

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Marblehead is a small village south of Quincy along Mill Creek. Michael Mast, John Coffman, and Stephen Thomas platted the village in 1835. John Thomas was apparently the first European to move in, perhaps when it was known as Millville. One of the early businesses was a ferry across the Mississippi River to Marion City,

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